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A flirtatious email that rhymes? Dartmouth undergrads send them all the time

A Flitz, when done well, uses rhyme and clever font coloring to ask someone out on a date.
Used with permission
Max Waitz
A Flitz, when done well, uses rhyme and clever font coloring to ask someone out on a date. This is an example Max Waitz, a freshman writer for The Dartmouth, shared.

To send a 'Flitz' is to open one’s heart to the possibilities of love, via email.

The old email software system at Dartmouth was known as the ‘Blitz,’

Type up a flirtatious message and it’s called a ‘Flitz.’

Popular with students as a way to make a match,

All it takes is some rhymes and then send off that dispatch.

“I already have a girlfriend. But it would still be nice to get a Flitz.”

That’s Max Waitz, who wrote about Flitzing for the school paper.

The freshman said the tradition is now almost second nature.

“It’s not that big of a deal if you get rejected. I know a lot of people who are still friends, even after they send a Flitz.”

Year-round and on Valentine's, the rhyming notes come and go,

With the Ivy League elite, practicing cupid’s game like a pro.

Click here to read Waitz’s article on the history and enduring tradition of Flitzing on the Hanover campus.

An absolutely heartbreaking Flitzing response.
Used with permission
Max Waitz
An absolutely heartbreaking Flitzing response that Max Waitz shared, but did not author.

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