The Murrow Society

The Edward and Janet Murrow Society was formed at WGBY-57 to recognize donors whose support provides the foundation on which the station's success is built. As WGBY and New England Public Radio join together to creat the region's premiere multi-platform public media source, the Murrow Society has grown to include donors to public radio.

Through their generosity and feedback, Murrow Society members help New England Public Media to identify and act on community needs by creating new programs, partnerships and services that strengthen the social fabric of our community.

For more information on the Murrow Society or to discuss other giving options, please contact:

Sarah Tanner
Interim Senior Director of Philanthropy
(413) 781-2801, x1586

The Murrow Committee:

Sue Monks, Committee Chair
Lo Hartnett
Roberta Hillenberg-Gang
Elaine Hollander
Miguel Hollander
Rose Lander
Richard Parkin
Jackie Quimby
Carla Santia
Kristin Steuber
Brewster Sturtevant