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Systems of plowshares to pizza

Today, we stumbled into turning points.

There's the point at which a star looks at the planets around it and fails to recognize itself in the mirror. And we in turn, or at least those of us studying that star, fail to recognize it as well. This is the case with Fomalhaut, a star once likened to "The Eye of Sauron", but which is now being seen in a different light, and we sit with Mr. Universe, Salman Hameed, to discover why that is.

There is the moment one realizes that the fight you're in may be the wrong one and you make a change. There are folx who bring forges to engender that change. Inspired by a passage in the Old Testament, Swords to Plowshares takes voluntarily surrendered firearms and converts them to usable garden tools using classic blacksmithing techniques. We chat with the head of the region's chapter of this organization, retired bishop Jim Curry, and the person helping to bring him and his forge to Southampton this weekend, Sue Teece.

And there is the instance where dough, cheese and sauce are not necessarily enough. Thus we embark on Pizza Quest IV at Pizzeria Boema in Lenox, where we stray a little off of our regular path, to delicious results

Christopher “Monte'' Belmonte is host and executive producer of NEPM's The Fabulous 413. He was born and raised in Massachusetts and has been a radio host in western Massachusetts for the last 20 years — the last 17 of them as host of Mornings with Monte on The River 93.9/WRSI.
Kaliis Smith is a radio host and producer for NEPM's The Fabulous 413. She was most recently host and producer at The River 93.9/WRSI where she appeared on Mornings with Monte for the Nerdwatch segment and hosted weekday evenings.