Conservatorships & Guardianships: They Are More Common Than One Might Think

Jul 21, 2021

If you're someone who is just learning about conservatorships because of the Britney Spears case, you should know that these types of arrangements are far too common. Dara Kennedy and Maya Shwayder will talk with experts to break down for us the difference between conservatorship and guardianship plus how these laws in Massachusetts work. You'll also hear about a bipartisan federal bill that's been introduced, that would make it easier for a person to replace the guardian they are living under if that guardian becomes abusive. Guests include:

  • Robert Fleischner - A Northampton lawyer serving in disabilities, civil rights, and guardianship cases.
  • Patricia Keane Martin - Elder law attorney, Seegal Lipshutz Lo & Martin
  • Rick Black - Executive Director and Co-founder, Center for Estate Administration Reform