Nurse Strike To Continue In Worcester Mass. After Union Says Latest Offer Insufficient

Aug 6, 2021

A nurses strike in Worcester shows no signs of ending. The union said the latest offer from St. Vincent Hospital doesn't go far enough.

The hospital presented what it called its last, best and final offer on Thursday.

Dominique Muldoon, a nurse at St. Vincent and part of the negotiating committee, said the hospital still had not done enough to improve nurse-patient ratios. 

"The latest offer does not address staffing to the level that we need it. It addresses it on a couple of units. We still have a ways to go to provide more nurses at the bedside," she said.

St. Vincent CEO Carolyn Jackson said the hospital's staffing is excellent and it's moving forward without the striking nurses.

"We have actually hired a considerable number of permanent replacement nurses and we continue to hire permanent replacement nurses," she said. "We're going to continue to add nurses to our staff who want to come work at St. Vincent Hospital."

No date has been set for the two sides to continue negotiations.