Sustaining Member FAQ

How to contact Member Services: 
If you don’t find the information you need in the questions and answers below, please give us a call at 413-781-2801 or email

Q: What is a Sustaining Member?

A: Sustaining Members donate to NEPM monthly on their credit or debit card, on an ongoing basis, until notified to cancel. You can also set up a Sustaining Member Plan as an EFT. With more donors making a contribution through EFT, NEPM pays less for credit card fees so more of your gift pays for programming. Plus, you’ll never worry about updating expired or compromised cards.

Q:  How do I tell if I’m a sustaining partner?

A:  Email our member services department at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. During Fund Drives, the NEPM staff works as efficiently and quickly as possible, but there might be some delay in getting back to you because of the volume of correspondence with members.

If you think you are a sustainer but are receiving renewal notices, please let us know so that we can resolve the issue; your pledge may be an installment pledge rather than a sustaining pledge, or we could have a duplicate account or email for you.

Q:  Are my monthly donations tax-deductible?

A:  Your contribution to NEPM is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. NEPM sends tax receipts for all gifts of $50 or more. If you need one during tax season, you can contact Member Services at 413-781-2801 or and we will send you one. Please consult your tax advisor or attorney for information about specific situations. Note: The fair market value of any thank-you gifts received is not tax-deductible.

Q:  Do I need to call in during the Fund Drive to renew my pledge?

A:  Nope! As a sustainer your membership is ongoing, and automatically renews each year. If you do call in to the Fund Drive, you might be creating a duplicate pledge for yourself! If you have any questions about your membership, send us an email

Q:  How can I update my credit card number or expiration date for my monthly sustaining gift?

A:  Use this form or call 413-781-2801.

Q:  If my card expiration date changed but my card number did not, why do I have to give my card number again?

A:  NEPM adheres to all laws and regulations pertaining to handling of donor credit and debit card account information. Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations require that NEPM not store actual credit card information on its computers, so when you provide your new expiration date NEPM must also re-enter the card information to update it.

Q:  I’d like to increase or change the monthly amount I have been giving. 

A:  Send an email or call 413-781-2801 and we’ll update your pledge to reflect the new amount you want charged monthly! You can also change your monthly payment amount by filling out this form with the new total amount. 

Q:  I’d like to make a one-time contribution in addition to my monthly Sustaining gift.

A:  That’s wonderful, thank you! You can make your one-time donation online or by calling 413-781-2801.

Q:  How do I request my annual Thank You gift?

A:  NEPM is pleased to be able to offer one thank you gift per calendar year to our sustaining members. To find out if you are eligible for a thank you gift at this time, please email Membership Serivces or call 413-781-2801.

Q:  What are the benefits of my Sustaining Membership?

A:  Becoming a Sustaining Member is a way to put more of your dollars into the news and music on NEPM and the NEPM News Network.  As a Sustaining Member, you:

  • Become a part of the NEPM community.
  • Are automatically entered into all Fund Drive drawings.
  • Automatically renew each year – no more renewal notices, or wondering if your membership has expired.
  • Are eligible to choose a thank-you gift each year.
  • Save us thousands of dollars in postage, paper and administrative costs.
  • Invest more of your contribution into the news and music you value.

We are so grateful for your Sustaining support – thank you!

Q:  How do I match my gift through my employer?

A:  That’s great – thank you! You can pick up a matching gift form from your human resources department, fill it out and send it to New England Public Radio along with your contribution. If it's an electronic form, you can use Susan Lofthouse as a contact and send it to If it’s a paper, just mail the form to us to 44 Hampden St, Springfield, MA 01103. We'll take care of the rest!

Q:  Does NEPR sell my name to companies or other nonprofits?

A:  No – when you donate to NEPM, we will not sell, trade or share your name, email address or any other contact information with any other organization.

If you didn’t  find the information you need in the questions and answers above, please give us a call at 413-781-2801. 

Thank you for supporting NEPM!