Beth Fox

Multimedia Account Executive

Beth is on the frontline of business-relationship building with New England Public Media as part of the organization’s Corporate Marketing/Local Sponsorship team. Beth enjoys working with new and annual NEPM Sponsors who help fund local public media. The Sponsor’s gain is two-fold: The business, or organization gets their marketing messaging out to NEPM’s loyal NPR & PBS audiences through radio, digital, and/or television broadcast visibility, while simultaneously supporting the NEPM quality programming they love and value.

Beth came to the organization in 2013, after having introduced herself to Martin Miller, President of NEPM, at a capital campaign fundraiser and inquiring of work opportunities at the radio station she had long admired since her Mt. Holyoke College days. Tom Reney’s Jazz a la Mode being her “go to” in the evenings then, and still is today. As a teenager, watching Masterpiece with her mother on Sunday nights on WGBH Boston will always bring fond memories, and also forged her weekly PBS viewership to this day.

Please call Beth, or email her for NEPM Sponsorship opportunities. She will be more than happy to work with you.

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