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A law enforcement vehicle sits in front of the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue on January 16, 2022 in Colleyville, Texas. All four people who were held hostage at the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue have been safely released after more than 10 hours of being held captive by a gunman
Brandon Bell
Getty Images
The hostage taker was 44-year-old British citizen Malik Faisal Akram, authorities said. U.K. police arrested two teenagers in relation to the incident.
Regional news
Nan Parati's Ashfield, Massachusetts, home was built in the 1700's. Its furnace is considerably younger, a mere 80 years old.
Nan Parati
Courtesy of the author
No more newfangled gadgets for commentator Nan Parati.
Explore the history of the Cape Cod Canal – an early 20th century engineering marvel
And Another Thing
Imam Wissam Abdul-Beki greets worshipers
Douglas Hook
Faith leaders from around the region detail how the pandemic is affecting attendance at mosques, synagogues and churches. They also share what Martin Luther King Day means in their different places of worship.
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National & World News
Mansour Abbas broke a longstanding taboo when he led his Arab party into Israel's governing coalition last year.