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A street scene in Provincetown, Massachusetts.
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For Mass. Gov. Baker, A 'Belief In The Efficacy Of Vaccines'

A spike in COVID-19 cases on Cape Cod prompted some communities there to call for mask advisories. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker says he's not planning another statewide return to masking — but in the past, he's put restrictions in place, and required residents to mask up.

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Regional News

Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins has been nominated as U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts.
File photo / State House News Service

Biden Picks Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins As Top Mass. Federal Prosecutor

President Joe Biden on Monday nominated Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins to serve as the top federal prosecutor in Massachusetts, a historic move that could reshape the U.S. Attorney's office and kick off a flurry of activity among elected officials and others who wish to succeed her.

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How Some Districts Are Trying To Get Anxious Families Back Into School Buildings

Paullette Healy isn't sure yet where her 13-year-old son, Lucas, will go to school this fall. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, and says New York City school buildings are in "disarray," with overcrowded classrooms and windows that barely open. She worries about classroom ventilation and social distancing. The city has announced it will not offer a remote learning option in the coming school year. In a statement to NPR, a NYC schools spokesperson said the district's buildings are "some of the...

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Connecting Point

Springfield Trust Transfer Project's Chalk for Change

A vial with a swab test for COVID-19.
Tony Spinelli / Connecticut Public

COVID-19 case rates have been on the rise over the last few weeks in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

Shipworms are saltwater mollusks known for consuming wood, causing extensive damage to ships and piers. They may also offer a key to new types of biofuel.
Reuben Shipway / UMass Amherst

Researchers at UMass Amherst say they've solved at least one mystery about a destructive saltwater mollusk known as the shipworm.

Julie Carrick Dalton is the author of the novel "Waiting for the Night Song."
Everett Dalton / Submitted Photo

Our summer fiction series continues now with a suspenseful eco-fiction story called "Waiting for the Night Song." It's the debut novel from author Julie Carrick Dalton, who spends part of the year in New Hampshire and part in eastern Massachusetts.

Mass. Gov. Baker Says No Plans To Change Mask Guidance For Schools

Jul 22, 2021
Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker.
Sam Doran / State House News Service

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said Thursday his administration has no plans to reinstate a mask mandate for schools this fall, one day after a dozen lawmakers urged him to revive the policy in early education and elementary school settings amid the spread of the more infectious Delta variant of COVID-19.

Lesser Sees Senate As Ready To Tackle Sports Betting: 'It's Time For Mass. To Do This'

Jul 22, 2021
A photograph taken at a Wynn sports betting facility in Nevada.
Jonathan Cutrer / Creative Commons / / photos / joncutrer

With the House looking like it will overwhelmingly pass a sports betting bill Thursday afternoon, the senator handling the issue said he thinks his more reluctant branch is "ready to do this -- if it's done the right way."

More Regional News


Rashida Ellis of Lynn, Massachusetts, is competing in women's boxing in the lightweight division.
Courtesy / USA Boxing

From Skateboarding To Soccer: New England's Hometown Olympians

The Tokyo Olympics begin this week, with the opening ceremonies scheduled for Friday. Thirty-three members of Team USA list communities in New England as their hometowns. That includes almost a dozen rowers, a half-dozen runners and three rugby players.

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Climate Scientists Meet As Floods, Fires, Droughts And Heat Waves Batter Countries

More than 200 of the world's leading climate scientists will begin meeting today to finalize a landmark report summarizing how Earth's climate has already changed, and what humans can expect for the rest of the century. The report is the sixth edition of an assessment of the latest climate science from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a United Nations body that coordinates research about global warming. The last edition of this report came out in 2013 — an eternity in the...

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MIRA Says It Will Ship Thousands Of Tons Of Old Coal Out Of State

A proposal to burn about 2,500 tons of old coal at a major Hartford trash plant is getting a strong rebuke from state regulators. But the Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority (MIRA) said Wednesday that burning the coal in Hartford is “the most environmentally sound” way to get rid of it. MIRA wanted to burn up that old coal by gradually mixing it in with trash from its member towns. “The motivation for that is cost,” said Tom Kirk, MIRA’s president and CEO. “We could dispose of it by...

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