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New England Motorists Warned To Be On The Lookout For Deer

AAA Northeast is warning drivers to watch out for deer.  

November is a particularly bad time for deer strikes because fall is mating season for white-tailed deer in New England. Also, with the end of daylight saving time, it’s often dark during the evening commute. 

Connecticut environmental officials estimate that more than 4,000 deer strikes occurred in the state in 2017, with most going unreported. 

Massachusetts officials say the state experienced about 26 deer crashes per day last year.  

AAA Northeast offered several tips to reduce the risk of hitting a deer. 

“Use your high beams, especially if you’re going through a rural wooded area, where we find these occurrences to be more common,” said spokesperson Mary Maguire. “And keep your speed down and make sure that you’re really scanning the road and paying attention.”

The National Highway Safety Administration estimates that damage caused by deer accidents results in over $1 billion a year in insured losses nationwide.

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