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News. Culture. Kids. 
Your local home for the best in public television.

DT Tuner: 57.1          Comcast: 2               Spectrum: 7               Time Warner: 12

NEPM - Create
NEPM Create is dedicated to helping you enjoy the fun things in life from home improvement and decorating to cooking, travel, and more.  

DT Tuner: 57.4          Comcast: 237          Spectrum: 182          Time Warner: 1277

NEPM - Kids
24/7 Kids shows from PBS Kids! 

DT Tuner: 57.3          Comcast: 217          Spectrum: 180          Time Warner: 1276

NEPM - World
NEPM World brings you the best of PBS documentary, public affairs and news programming, 24/7. 

DT Tuner: 57.2          Comcast: 209          Spectrum: 181          Time Warner: 1275

DT Tuner: 57.1          Comcast: 857         Spectrum: 782           Time Warner: 1221

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Stream episodes of many of your favorite shows right here! Watch Now.

NEPM Passport
NEPM members can access an even larger online library of PBS programming including episodes of American Experience, American Masters, Antiques Roadshow, Nature, NOVA, and Masterpiece. ($5/month contribution to support NEPM). Get NEPM Passport.

NEPM on YouTube TV
NEPM and NEPM Kids are now streaming LIVE with a YouTube TV subscription. Learn More.