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NEPM Celebrates Pride 2024

Disco: Soundtrack of a Revolution airs Tuesdays, June 18 –July 2 at 9 p.m. on NEPM TV

NEPM celebrates Pride Month with a special slate of films and programs that highlight the LGBTQ+ community and the great diversity that strengthens our country. All year long, we honor the people who tirelessly work to forge a more inclusive society.

The Fabulous 413
May 17, 2024: Spouses-O
Monte and Kaliis interview Gina and Heidi Nortonsmith on their 20th wedding anniversary. The couple were plaintiffs in the legal case, Goodridge v.s. Dept. of Public Health. Their victory was a milestone in marriage equality and ended the exclusion of same-sex couples from attaining marriage licenses in Massachusetts. They take a walk through memory lane and hear about why the fight for their right to marry was important to them 20 short years ago.

Find more local Pride stories from The Fabulous 413 and the NEPM Newsroom here.


Uýra: The Rising Forest
Thursday, June 13 at 9 p.m. on NEPM TV
While traveling through the Amazon, Uýra shares ancestral knowledge with Indigenous youth to promote the significance of identity and place, threatened by Brazil's oppressive political regime. Through dance, poetry, and stunning characterization, Uýra boldly confronts historical racism, transphobia, and environmental destruction, while emphasizing the interdependence of humans and the environment.

Saturday, June 15 at 8 p.m. on NEPM WORLD
Follow queer actor Dyllon Burnside on a journey to discover how LGBTQ Americans are finding ways to live authentically and with pride in the modern South.

Disco: Soundtrack of a Revolution
Tuesdays, June 18 –July 2 at 9 p.m.
Disco embodied the height of 1970s glamour: a dance floor culture born in New York City that went on to take over the world. But its success also obscured its wider significance. Inextricably bound up with the major liberation movements of the 1970s, disco speaks to some of the biggest issues of today: LGBTQ+ identity and female empowerment.

Little Richard: The King and Queen of Rock and Roll
Saturday, June 22 at 8 pm on NEPM WORLD
Experience the meteoric rise and enduring legacy of Little Richard. This portrait of the “King and Queen of Rock and Roll” explores his far-reaching influence as well as his advocacy for the rights of Black artists in the music industry.

Independent Lens: Mama Bears
Thursday, June 27 at 9 p.m. on NEPM TV
They call one another “mama bears” because of the ferocity with which they fight for their children’s rights. Although they grew up as fundamentalist, evangelical Christians praying for the souls of LGTBQ+ people, these mothers are now willing to risk losing friends, family, and faith communities to champion their kids -- even if it challenges their belief systems and rips apart their worlds.

Independent Lens: Breaking The News
Saturday, June 29, 08:00 pm on NEPM WORLD
Who decides which stories get told? A scrappy group of women and LGBTQ+ journalists buck the white male-dominated status quo, banding together to launch The 19th*, a digital news startup aiming to combat misinformation.


American Experience: Casa Susanna
In the 1950s and ’60s, an underground network of transgender women and cross-dressing men found refuge at a house in the Catskills region of New York. Known as Casa Susanna, the house provided a safe place to express their true selves.

American Masters
Keith Haring: Street Art Boy
Explore the definitive story of international art sensation Keith Haring who blazed a trail through the art scene of ‘80s New York and revolutionized the worlds of pop culture and fine art.

Fanny: The Right to Rock
Co-founded by Filipina American and queer teenagers Fanny is the first all women band to release an album with a major record label. The film, chronicles the life and revival of this groundbreaking all-female rock group in 1970s America, revealing the fascinating untold story of a phenomenal band that were dubbed the “female Beatles,” and takes us to Goshen, Massachusetts where Fanny founder June Millington’s Institute for the Musical Arts empowers young women in their pursuit of careers in the field of music.

Frontline: Growing Up Trans
Just a generation ago, it was adults, not kids, who changed genders. But today, many children are transitioning, too -- with new medical options, and at younger and younger ages. Frontline takes viewers on an intimate and eye-opening journey inside the struggles and choices facing transgender kids and their families.

America ReFramed: Jack & Yaya
From a young age, Yaya and Jack saw each other as they truly were, a girl and a boy, even though most of the world didn’t see them that way. As they grew older, they supported each other as they both came out as transgender. JACK & YAYA follows these two friends for a year and explores their unique, thirty-year relationship.