Anna Van Dine

Anna is an undergraduate student at NYU Gallatin where her studies incorporate journalistic work and ethnographic methodologies, a love of oral history, everyday artifacts, and the conviction that everything is interesting when you look at it right. Anna believes strongly in the power of listening and values ordinary histories; when she was small, she told her mom that when she grew up she wanted to travel around and record old people (now she knows that's a real job!). What drives her is preserving — and making people interested in — things that might be otherwise lost or unknown. She hopes to do this in some capacity after she graduates.


Since Act 46 was passed by the Legislature in 2015, small school districts across the state have had to make difficult decisions about whether to merge rural schools. In some parts of the state, geography creates some challenging decisions about how to do so.

Emmett is a mounted boar head. For 22 years, Emmett has hung on the wall in Vermont Supreme Court Justice Marilyn Skoglund's Montpelier office, where he went to live after Skoglund received him as a gift from an ex.