Eileen Crosby On Nuestros Senderos Y Nuestras Vidas

Nov 19, 2016

Tertulia’s guest on September 18, 2016 was Eileen Crosby, Archivist of Local History Collection at Holyoke Public Library. She spoke about the project Nuestros Senderos y Nuestras Vidas en Holyoke, Our Journeys and Our Lives in Holyoke, a Community Digitization Day on September 24 at Enlace de Familias, Holyoke. The aim of the event is to begin to build a community archives documenting the origins and history of Puerto Rican life in Holyoke, and more broadly, the development of local Latino Culture.

Connect withNuestros Senderos y Nuestras Vidas here . For direct questions contact Eileen at 413-420-8107 or ecrosby@holyokelibrary.org

Eileen Crosby
Credit Raquel Obregon / NEPR