Chicopee Schools Recovering From Ransomware Attack

Nov 22, 2019

The Chicopee, Massachusetts, public schools are recovering from a ransomware attack on their computer systems.

Earlier this week, employees of the Chicopee schools discovered they couldn't access files on their desktops because they had been encrypted. And they saw a new file on their computers.

Andrew Vernon, chief information officer with the schools, said the message was clear.

"It is a demand of ransom, to a financial effect, asking that we respond to a certain email address to fulfill the ransom," he said. 

The district is not paying the ransom.

Vernon declined to say how much money was demanded.

He said the city had a disaster recovery plan in place, and everything should be fixed within a matter a weeks.

The mayor of Chicopee issued a press release saying no employee or student data was compromised