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  • Hosted by Dara Kennedy & Maya Shwayder

And Another Thing is an engaging live audio experience produced by New England Public Media that looks at the important issues of the day from a local perspective. Hosts Dara Kennedy and Maya Shwayder invite listeners to be part of the experience — and even help build the show! Every morning, And Another Thing shares the topic for the evening show and gives listeners the chance to interact and weigh in. Then, the team rolls up their sleeves to put everything in place for an engaging 30-minute community discussion. Dara and Maya guide the conversation and talk to local experts and people from the region, bringing journalistic chops, a passion for real conversation, and a dash of levity and humor to your evening routine.

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It's a celebration of mothers, in all forms. Family therapist Dr. Gayanni DeSilva will explain the everchanging role of moms (and dads) during the pandemic.

Hosts Dara Kennedy and Maya Shwayder will also explore surrogacy. The rewards are often fulfilling, however the process of surrogacy can be challenging. Jessica Stumpf, Executive Director of the Vermont Surrogacy Network will talk about her experience as a surrogate mother and how her organization recruits both surrogates and potential families.

Esports has evolved into a multibillion dollar industry and in its wake, colleges and universities have developed competitive teams and academic concentrations. Josh Staley, New England College Esports Program Director and scholar esports athlete Corey Bryan will talk to Dara and Maya about this profitable profession.

And Another Thing will talk with Jacob "J-Wall" Wallack, the reigning EA Sports Madden NFL  club champion and how he's made over 200,000 dollars in prize movie.

Dara Kennedy and Maya Shwayder examine the foster care system and the challenges foster families have faced during the pandemic. Psychology professor Jen Matos of Mt. Holyoke College talks about family stabilization. Next, a conversation with William McClendon who grew up in the Connecticut foster care system and just recently, became a foster parent. He spends his time working with at-risk youth.

At least 24 states have mounted a legal challenge against the Sackler family. The billionaire family owns Purdue Pharma, one of the companies in the center of lawsuits and litigation around the opioid crisis.  And Another Thing spoke with Attorney Generals William Tong of Connecticut and Maura Healey of Massachusetts as they continue to fight to hold Purdue Pharma accountable.

In his first address to joint congress, President Joe Biden introduced agenda polices surrounding child care, education, and immigration. Dara Kennedy and Maya Shwayder will dissect President Biden’s key components of his address then talk with members of the community that will be directly affected.

As Mental Health Awareness month comes to a close, Dara Kennedy and Maya Shwayder will explore its rise over the course of the pandemic. Psychiatrist, Dr. Gayanni DeSilva explains ‘languishing’ - a term for those who have trouble explaining their anxiety or depressive moods. Dara and Maya will also examine how Black and Latinx communities have been disproportionately affected by mental health with UCONN psychiatrist Dr. Michelle Williams and Mt. Holyoke Dr. Jen Matos.

Conversation on police accountability with Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey continues with focus on the Springfield Police Department. After an investigation by the Department of Justice revealed over 100,000 pages of misconduct reports, what reforms are needed in order for Springfield residents to feel more comfortable in the community?

In the wake of former Minneapolis police offer Derek Chauvin’s conviction in the death of George Floyd, Dara Kennedy and Maya Shwayder examine police accountability in our community with Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey. And Another Thing will also look into Qualified Immunity with Institute of Justice lawyer Keith Neely who is working to amend, or even end QI policies across the country.