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The Secrets We Keep, a podcast from NEPM and the NPR Network.
The Secrets We Keep
Wednesdays, April 24 - May 15

The Secrets We Keep is a five-part podcast from NEPM about the stories we don’t tell, what they say about our world, and what they do to our minds. NEPM reporter Karen Brown explores societal taboos and stigmas around sexual orientation, abortion, genetic origins, family scandals, and money — through the voices of secret-keepers, those kept in the dark, and history and social science experts (starting with the host’s family secret.)

What's your secret, and why do you keep it? Reach out at 413-258-8633 or secrets@nepm.org.

If you'd like a written transcript of any of the episodes for accessibility, please email us at secrets@nepm.org and we'll send you one.

Latest Episodes
  • Why do we keep how much money we earn a secret?
  • What happens when a biological discovery reveals that the big secret in your life is actually YOU?
  • How have the changing political winds around abortion led women to keep their abortions secret, and — for the same reason —speak out about them?
  • Explore how people in the LGBTQ community have been forced to keep secrets about their sexual orientation or gender identity, even from themselves.
  • Reporter Karen Brown shares a personal family secret, and introduces the idea of distinguishing between privacy and secrecy which is explored throughout the series.
  • The stories we don’t tell, what they say about our world, and what they do to our minds — a new podcast from NEPM. Listen to the trailer now.