Nancy Eve Cohen

Reporter/Producer/Host Berkshire Bureau

Nancy Eve Cohen has worked in public radio for more than two decades.

She served as the environmental reporter for WNPR and the managing editor of the Northeast Environmental Hub. She has also covered breaking news including the shootings in Newtown and the tornado in Springfield for WBUR. For VPR she reported on the two-year recovery from the floods of Tropical Storm Irene in southern Vermont.

Early in her career, she was an editor at NPR in Washington DC.

Before radio, Nancy produced environmental documentaries for television. As part of a camera crew, she covered the war in Sarajevo, the early days of glasnost in Moscow, and in Cuba, a rare interview with Fidel Castro.

Nancy was named the Environmental Reporter of the Year by the Rivers Alliance of Connecticut. She contributed to VPR’s award-winning coverage of Tropical Storm Irene and Hurricane Sandy. Her work has garnered awards from American Women in Radio & Television, the CT Associated Press Broadcasters Association and the Society of Professional Journalists.

Besides reporting, Nancy helps young people get started in the field. She has taught writing and journalism at Smith College, University of Hartford, UMass, Amherst and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

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The north side of Main Street between Eagle and Holden Street in North Adams, Massachusetts.
Beyond My Ken / Creative Commons

The four candidates on the ballot in the mayoral preliminary election in North Adams, Massachusetts, have been winnowed down to two.

Lynette Bond and Jennifer Macksey agree on a few priorities: the need to improve old infrastructure, especially the public safety building, and increasing affordable housing.

The entrance to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office in Greenfield, Massachusetts.
Jeff Brown / Masslive /

In Berkshire County, at least 13 incarcerated people have tested positive for COVID-19 since late last month.

Six staff members have also tested positive. About half of those who tested positive for COVID in Berkshire County correctional facilities are vaccinated, according to the sheriff's office.

Downtown Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPM

The latest U.S. census data shows the population is continuing to decline in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and in Berkshire County overall. But the decline is slowing — and diversity is increasing.

The Holyoke Soldiers' Home.
Mike Plaisance / The Republican /

A class action civil rights lawsuit has been filed in federal court in Springfield against five former administrators at the state-funded Holyoke Soldiers' Home.

An American robin is measured as part of federal research on urban wildlife in a backyard in Greenfield, Massachusetts, in a file photo.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPM

Wildlife biologists have received reports of sick and dying songbirds in some mid-Atlantic and Midwestern states. There's no evidence the disease has reached New England, but Massachusetts officials are asking birdwatchers to take preventative steps.

The floor of a Mohican house from the 1600s or even older. It was found during an archaeological dig in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.
Trevor Totman / Courtesy Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohican Indians

A goal of two archaeological digs conducted this summer by the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohican Indians is to find evidence from the 1700s, when the tribe lived in a Christian community with white colonists. But the first of the digs in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, has turned up artifacts and other features that could be much older.

A box of joints branded as Dogwalkers are sold at Rise, a marijuana medical dispensary in Amherst, Massachusetts.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPM

Massachusetts marijuana stores are expecting an uptick in business, now that it's legal to possess in Connecticut.

A road on the edge of the Allendale neighborhood in Pittsfield, Mass., leads to a PCB disposal site used during the first phase of the clean up of the Housatonic River, in a file photo.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPR

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is launching a study to determine cancer incidence in five cities and towns on the Housatonic River.

A security camera hangs near the entrance of the William DeBerry Elementary School on Union Street in Springfield, Massachusetts.
Don Treeger / The Republican /

The school department in Springfield, Massachusetts, is entering into an agreement that gives police access to surveillance camera footage recorded inside and outside of public school buildings.

A building in Springfield, Massachusetts, damaged by the tornado on June 1, 2011.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPM

Ten years ago this Tuesday, multiple tornadoes tore through western Massachusetts, killing three people, injuring 200, and causing more than $200 million in damages.

A consumption advisory posted on the Housatonic River in Massachusetts in a file photo.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPM

General Electric and the EPA have responded to an appeal of the agency's plan to clean up the rest of the Housatonic River.

A deer tick.
Ragnhlld Brosvik / Creative Commons

A UMass Amherst laboratory stopped its longstanding practice of testing ticks as of December, but the service is expected to restart this week, separate from the university.

The Pittsfield, Massachusetts, School Committee meets April 14, 2021, on Zoom, to select a new superintendent.
Screen shot / Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPM

A Pittsfield, Massachusetts, school committee member resigned during a meeting Wednesday night when the committee cast their votes on candidates for a new superintendent. Dennis Powell, who is also the president of the Berkshire County chapter of the NAACP, said his voice is not being heard.

Josh Vallieres, 21, of North Adams, Massachusetts, is running for mayor.
Paula Evans / courtesy Josh Vallieres

A North Adams, Massachusetts, college student who grew up in the city has taken out nomination papers to run for mayor.

A lawn sign in Lee, Massachusetts, designed by Reed Anderson of Great Barrington, calls for no local dumps for PCB waste from General Electric.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPM

The federal government’s plan to clean up toxic PCBs from the Housatonic River faces a new legal challenge.

The great seal of the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohican Indians, from a gravestone in the Stockbridge Cemetery.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPM

When Stockbridge, Massachusetts, residents hold their annual Town Meeting this spring, they'll vote on whether to take steps to return centuries-old documents to the indigenous tribe that once helped govern the town.

A section of the William Stanley Business Park, part of the former General Electric property, in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPM

The Baker administration announced funding on Tuesday to prepare sites for industrial and commercial development. Nearly two-thirds of the $3,184,000 from MassDevelopment's Site Readiness Program is going to communities in western Massachusetts.

Parts of the Housatonic River are contaminated with PCBs, which the EPA considers a probable carcinogen.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPR

Two groups are appealing the Environmental Protection Agency's permit to clean up the Housatonic River.

A PCB disposal site that was allowed under the consent decree to clean up the Housatonic River abuts the Allendale Elementary School playground in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, in a file photo.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPR

Officials in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, are asking the state Department of Public Health to do a cancer study in a neighborhood near two General Electric toxic waste disposal sites. 

The main entrance to Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, in 2017.
Shannon Young / The Republican /

A rehab and nursing facility in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, has had one of the largest COVID-19 outbreaks in Berkshire County, according to the city health department.

Bonney Hartley, historic preservation manager of the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohican Indians, stands in the Stockbridge Cemetery, which was once her ancestor's land.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPM

The Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohican Indians today are based in Wisconsin. But their homeland spanned the Housatonic and Hudson river valleys, and stretched from Manhattan into Vermont.

The office of the bishop of the Springfield Catholic Diocese.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPR

The Springfield Roman Catholic Diocese said it will expand which clergy accused of sexual abuse it lists on its website.

Views from the summit of Mt. Holyoke at Skinner State Park in Hadley, Massachusetts.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPM

The Massachusetts state auditor's office has issued a report on the program that compensates cities and towns with state-owned land that is not subject to property tax.

Downtown Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPM

The Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Board of Health has rescinded an earlier order to close indoor dining in the city.

Christopher Stetson, an infant and toddler teacher in Northampton, Mass., retired earlier than planned, after the school where he taught for 20 years shut down in mid-March.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPM

During the pandemic, a lot of people have lost work. In Massachusetts, more than 1.6 million residents have applied for unemployment since mid-March.

City Hall in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
Kenneth C. Zirkel / Creative Commons /

After several dozen people began camping in Pittsfield's Springside Park this summer, the city first relaxed its rules that prohibited people from being there after dusk. But last month the Park Commission set Tuesday as the day to start enforcing those rules.

A fire ripped through the Doris Duke Theatre at Jacob's Pillow in Becket, Massachusetts, on November 17, 2020.
Monterey Fire Department / Facebook

A fire destroyed an important dance performance theater at Jacob's Pillow in Becket, Massachusetts, Tuesday morning.

A mail-in ballot for the September 1, 2020, Massachusetts state primary.

While people await the results of the presidential race, local election officials in Massachusetts are living another version of "hurry up and wait."

A lawn sign in Lee, Massachusetts, designed by Reed Anderson of Great Barrington, calls for no local dumps for PCB waste from General Electric.
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPM

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has posted 585 pages of public comments on a proposed plan to clean up toxic waste from the Housatonic River and dispose some it in Lee, Massachusetts.

A sign near the Housatonic River in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, in 2009 after a GE/EPA cleanup of part of the river
Nancy Eve Cohen / NEPM

Last month the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency wrapped up a public comment period on its controversial plan to remove toxic PCBs from the Housatonic River. The agency said it hopes to issue its final plan by the end of the year.

That would be before any possible change at the White House.