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Jan. 29, 2024: Doing it for themselves

Sometimes you have to fend for yourself to create your own space in the world.

Let's take the medical care system for example, where despite MassHealth's efforts to alleviate the deficiencies of the American healthcare system, there are a lot of folx who still find themselves ineligible for health insurance coverage. To their rescue comesVolunteers in Medicine (VIM), an organization that provides free medical care to people who are in need. We sit down with Executive Director Ilana Steinhauer to give us insight to VIM's mission and how opening their second location will help efforts to reshape medical care for the folx in the greater community.

We see it in sports, as well, where gender equity can often leave some athletes by the wayside. This can be especially true for hockey, which makes the Longmeadow girls ice hockey team, composed of players from 11 different schools, all the more awesome. The team is not only one of the few women’s varsity hockey teams in the state, but they’re also in the middle of a6 game winning streak. We head to their practice to speak with team members, coaching staff and players' families about carving an outlet for one's passions and about approaching the end of a fundraiser to assist with their gear and travel costs.

And it’s in the stars as well. Black holes are a hot topic around here and, it turns out, in the realm of astronomy as well. Folx have been trying to figure out if black holes pre-date galaxies, or if it’s the other way around. Mr. Universe and Hampshire College ProfessorSalman Hameed takes a look at this “Chicken or egg” dilemma and shares some solutions for the problem.

Christopher “Monte'' Belmonte is host and executive producer of NEPM's The Fabulous 413. He was born and raised in Massachusetts and has been a radio host in western Massachusetts for the last 20 years — the last 17 of them as host of Mornings with Monte on The River 93.9/WRSI.
Kaliis Smith is a radio host and producer for NEPM's The Fabulous 413. She was most recently host and producer at The River 93.9/WRSI where she appeared on Mornings with Monte for the Nerdwatch segment and hosted weekday evenings.